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Crystal Collection

We are proud to present our first collection, the Crystal collection, which was inspired by crystals and glitter.These fashions are flowing in never seen popularity, and they will make you the star of the beach. We have combined the summer’s colours in our swimsuits.Their shine and glitter make your appearance fresh and modern. Every small details of our models are poems themselves. Besides it’s bodyshaping illusion they also look amazing on their own. Show yourself to the world!









Style of the dayStyle of the day

Style of the day

Make the hottest days dressy with the exclusive products of Formenteri, which will bring a pinch of luxury to your summer!

Which are the necessary accessories for your summer? Sparkling in your trendy swimsuits, don’t forget about other essential items besides your favourite bikini. Your holydays and entertainment will be more perfect! Show us what would you combine your elegant Formenteri pieces with!

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Style Of The Day
  • London

    Minimalism and extravagance can also be found in the category of „street style”. Let’s grab the essence of cities daily clothing.

  • Paris

    Center of love, culture, design and creativity. A city of endless hugs and full of life. It’s colours and sounds merge softly.

  • New York

    Close your eyes and imagine that you are at an exclusive party on top of a skyscraper in your fancy house in Manhattan. A beautyful taste of the always awake and eagerly exclusive city.

  • Milano

    Consist of pure passion and perfect stylishness. Hides the paradox of glitter and secret.



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Guestbook. Stars, about us!

  • „I do love my Formenteri swimsuit, because all eyes are on me when I put them on at the beach.My style is all about individuallity,which I won’t give up not even on the strand.“

    C. Taylor
    Los Angeles
  • „Variegation, cheer, glitter and sumptuousness in one brand. This is Formenteri.“

    A. Harper
    Great Britain
  • „Formenteri represents true luxury for me. Nothing more or less.“

    C. Ferragni